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Harness Operational Data in BigQuery for Privacy-Safe AI!

Unlock production data in GCP BigQuery with Bornio Universal Generator for AI development.

Enterprises like yours have amassed high volumes of operational data (journal entries, purchase orders, invoices, payments, work orders, time cards, payroll, sales, etc) and Master Data (customers, partners, suppliers, employees, products,financial assets, accounts, locations, etc.) in BigQuery.

Bornio automates the preparation of these data so you can use them for AI models, including foundational models, pre-training, fine-tuning, and validation. Bornio ensures privacy is maintained throughout the entire lifecycle.

With Bornio, you can now safely monetize data from your BigQuery database.

With Bornio, You Can

Utilize Your Production Data in Non-Prod

Seamlessly employ production-grade datasets, that closely align and cohere with production data characteristics, within non-production environments to facilitate AI model development, pre-training, fine-tuning.

Generate Privacy Safe Data AI Model Training

Eliminate inadvertent exposure to sensitive or private information. Bornio generates synthetic data that deidentify sensitive data while encapsulates critical trends and insights inherent in your production data, thereby reinforcing data privacy.

Make Data Available in Real-time with SecureView

With many traditional solutions primarily focused on batch mode operations, they fail to meet the demands of use cases that require real-time data. Bornio bridges this gap by generating real-time synthetic data to keep your AI models in step with current data flows.

Up and Running in Minutes

No more wasting weeks in the painstaking process of scripting from scratch or spending months in deployment periods associated with expensive tools for working with production-level data. Bornio can be deployed with a few commands within minutes. Its user-friendly interface allow for immediate usage of generative data paradigms, dramatically reducing the time to insights for your AI models.

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