Privacy-safe Enterprise Data for AI and Analytics in Minutes!

Safely monetize your enterprise data for all data-driven applications, analytics and AI model pre-training, fine-tuning, and validation.

Preserves privacy, ensures compliance, and maintains high data quality with Bornio’s AI-powered automated solution.

Tailor-Made Privacy-Safe Data for Your Entire Enterprise

In today’s data-driven economy, privacy concerns around AI have reached new heights, leaving enterprises grappling with the question of how to effectively monetize their valuable data. With Bornio’s AI-powered, data engineer friendly solution allows you to harness the full spectrum of your data’s potential with just a few simple steps.

    Realistic High Quality Data

    Policy-Driven, Customizable

    Regulatory Compliant

    Faster Data
    Service Requests

    Reduced Cost
    and Complexity

    Supercharge Data For Pre-Training, Fine-Tuning Of Your AI Models

    Data access is critical whether you are building a new model or using a foundational model. Bornio removes traditional access barriers that prevents data scientists from creating effective models.

    Auto-Discovers and Classifies Sensitive Data (PII) Across Data Sources

    Instead of painstakingly trying to identify potential PII data in your datasets, Bornio does so autonomously. Removing unnecessary time-consuming work that would otherwise taking up a large portion of your time.

    Recommends Policies for Granular Control Over Data Generation For Specific Use-Cases

    Our cutting-edge tool gives you granular control for targeted privacy sensitive use cases. This automated capability simplifies operational efficiency while ensuring data privacy, and data integrity.

    Leverages Proprietary Universal Data Generator as well as Third-Party Foundational Models

    Bornio’s unique engine is also integrated with the latest foundational models to generate the most representative data for your AI projects

    Retains the Same Properties as Original Data Without Compromising Privacy

    Unlike other tools that strip away key insights resulting in data drift and bias, Bornio retains the critical properties of your original data without violating privacy policies. All this while maintaining data usefulness and relevance, assuring you an uncompromised, seamless operation.

    Enterprise Data Transformed for Every Data-Driven Applications

    AI, ML, Data Science

    Maintain data privacy and consistency of your data sources throughout the model-training lifecycle.

    Reduce model-training time and increase accuracy by deriving realistic data from production.

    Business Intelligence, Analytics

    Auto-generate granular policies for different data consumers (i.e., personas) allowing users to share sensitive data on a need-to-know basis.

    Maximize privacy and data usability with a rich collection of privacy protection methods.

    Application Dev, Test, & Triage

    Integrate production-derived data for application development, testing, and triaging into a CI/CD process.

    Preserve inter-column and inter-table value consistency and referential integrity of data.

    Natively Embedded Anywhere In The Modern Data Clouds & Pipelines