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Organizations must adapt their data usage policies to stay compliant as data privacy regulations evolve. Bornio Data Privacy Filters® provide a powerful and flexible tool for data engineers looking to meet compliance requirements. Bornio automatically discovers, classifies, and protects sensitive data within existing data flows and data clouds, thereby reducing the time, cost, and complexity of keeping data usage compliant with privacy regulations.
Data Privacy Filters®

What customers are saying about Bornio

Bornio protects our data throughout the data flow, including in transit and at rest. It also allows us to de-identify data in an appropriate manner tailored to specific roles in the company

Nick Grabowski


Privacy regulations change state-to-state making compliance with HIPAA & HITRUST complex and time-consuming. Bornio simplifies data governance and compliance while providing high-quality data for AI & ML-driven innovation.

Peter Bakas


Our client DPA restricts access to production data in our SaaS environment severely impacting our ability to use data for software dev & test. Bornio offers de-identified data that is high quality and compliant with our DPA requirements.

Gerald Kanapathy


Simplified Privacy for Modern Data Clouds

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, data privacy concerns increase as well. Bornio’s innovative Data Privacy Filters® auto-scan and classify the sensitive data in existing data clouds to recommend, enforce, and monitor privacy policies. Bornio helps organizations comply with the growing list of global privacy regulations.
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Customizable Data Filters for Data-Driven Applications

With the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making, today’s organizations face a difficult choice. Organizations can give their internal data consumers unfettered access to sensitive production data, or they can adopt complex and costly manual data scrubbing processes. Bornio’s Filters provide a better solution, allowing organizations to quickly and easily modify production data for internal users and external collaborators.

AI, ML, Data Science

Maintain data privacy and consistency of your data sources throughout the model-training lifecycle.

Reduce model-training time and increase accuracy by deriving realistic data from production.

Business Intelligence, Analytics

Auto-generate granular policies for different data consumers (i.e., personas) allowing users to share sensitive data on a need-to-know basis.

Maximize privacy and data usability with a rich collection of privacy protection methods.

Application Dev, Test, & Triage

Integrate production-derived data for application development, testing, and triaging into a CI/CD process.

Preserve inter-column and inter-table value consistency and referential integrity of data.

Keep Data Safe in Data Clouds with Bornio

Data in transit through SaaS-based ETLs and data at rest in data clouds are at higher risk of breaches due to bad actors looking to access sensitive and confidential information. If a breach happens, third-party vendors will not accept any liability or indemnification. Bornio secures sensitive data before it lands in the data clouds and maintains privacy when requested by data consumers.

  • Unified data privacy for the entire data cloud
  • Data protection throughout the data flow(s)
  • Data-in-place processing for performance and security
  • Extensive library of protection and de-identification methods
  • Reduces risk of exposing sensitive data in case of a breach

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