Data is more
than important.
It’s personal.

At Bornio, we develop the tools to create, organize, and enforce data privacy policies for AI and Analytics while, more importantly, protecting sensitive personal data.

It’s our policy to support every policy.

The expansion of sensitive data and the increased pace of data privacy regulations has affected every enterprise and industry that relies on customer data. As data engineers you must ensure customer privacy while gaining insights from personal data faster than ever.

Our platform offers a streamlined process to help you manage complex privacy regulations and gain insights while meeting your regulatory requirements and customers’ expectations.

Data Privacy Ops.

Using DevOps’ principles, we created a cross-functional process for streamlining sensitive data management for everyday business use. Our platform automates the Data Privacy Ops cycle to facilitate collaboration between key stakeholders to define, enforce, and monitor data privacy policies. The result is a reduction in the cost and complexity of sensitive data engineering.

Template-Driven Policy

Use our quickstart templates to streamline collaboration seamlessly across all regulations, clouds, data sources, and users and continuously integrate privacy into changing data flows.

Access Control by Role and Use Case

Simplify your use of sensitive data with granular access controls based on the user’s need-to-know and purpose. Allow your data consumers to access only sensitive data required by their business needs.

Policy-Driven De-Identification

Be sure you’re using the best de-identification method for your business applications, including AI and analytics. Streamline your enforcement and eliminate manual and script-based de-identification processes.

Integrated Risk Management

Maintain your balance between privacy and data utility with continuous AI-driven risk assessment. Our scoring and policy deployment tools make it easy to monitor and adjust to your tolerances quickly.

Monitoring and Reporting

Track your policy enforcement with real-time alerts, dashboards, and ready-made reports for auditing and compliance. See and fix your potential risks before they develop into problems.

Template-Driven Policy Definition

Go from delays
to decisions.

As data engineers, you have to know how to manage multiple data pipelines, ensure valuable data flows unimpeded, and maintain compliance with privacy regulations. All while not missing a beat.

We know the current process for policy review includes lengthy emails, multiple meetings, and approvals from various stakeholders.

That’s why we created a curated set of templates where new policies are instantiated quickly and approved even faster. From policy owners to data owners and data engineers to data consumers, policies that typically take weeks to define only take minutes.

Access Control by Role And Use Case

Control visibility.
Limit vulnerability.

With granular data access control, you can bring privacy and enforcement to any number of roles in and outside your organization.

For Data Scientists

With Bornio, you can uncover opportunities and insights, while also enforcing need-to-know consumer access based on their business needs.

For Marketing Analysts

Your marketing team can use your customer information to turn a crucial opportunity into their next game-changing campaign.

For Customer Service Reps

Our platform allows you to enhance customer retention and loyalty with interactions that show you value them without making them vulnerable to breaches or misuse.

Policy-Driven De-Identification

Make your data private,
not powerless.

Bornio offers a comprehensive suite of de-identification methods to fit your needs. With pseudonymization, anonymization, security, and more, Bornio’s policy recommendation engine ensures the best approach to achieving the balance of privacy and utility for sensitive data in AI and analytics.

Balance privacy and data utility.

Integrated Risk Management

View side-by-side risk-versus-utility analysis so you can assess the suitability of a specific protection method for any given usage scenario.

Observe, detect, and react.

Monitoring and Reporting

See full telemetry of your sensitive data while tracking policy enforcement with real-time alerts and dashboards. Our ready-made reports make auditing and compliance easy.

Made for one industry: yours.

Financial Services


High Tech




in the cloud.

We specifically designed Bornio as Pure Cloud for cloud-native data, making it easy to deploy, integrate, scale, and manage on AWS, Google, or Azure. We are the first product built from the ground up for an optimal performance on the latest cloud-native architectures and data flows.

Use Cases

Do more with your data.

We understand that your business functions on sensitive customer data that needs to be protected. Bornio empowers you to safely leverage your customer data for business use, data science, AI, and analytics without compromising personal privacy.

About Bornio

We believe in the
dignity of data.

Our mission at Bornio is to empower data’s potential while protecting data privacy. Informed by our enterprise privacy market experience, we partner with you to enable the business insights you need to stay ahead while protecting consumer privacy.

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